About the only things to be said about what will be expected of you as a participant on this group are:

  1. Stay on-topic.

  2. Leave the gossip for E. Do not use this group to spread or share rumors, innuendo or otherwise attack somebody's character or reputation.

  3. Break no laws and violate no terms of the TOS at any of our providers.

  4. NEVER lie about what has been already said. Imperfect memories, I understand, but if you just blatantly invent your own history or own facts and I see you doing this, you're gone. No warnings, no second chances.

  5. If what you're writing can be largely summed up by the words (ahem!) "go love yourself", then no matter how sweet the phrasing, don't post it. You can be pro-Tortoise, you can be anti-Tortoise, you can be somewhere in between, and it's all good, but if you're getting into attitude with a capital A, bye bye. That doesn't mean that you can't be critical of anything that anybody says, but there had better be substance to your criticism and it had better have some connection to fact.

So in general, don't troll, don't act like a jerk, and you'll be fine. Sad comment on what the Internet has evolved into that I even have to say this, isn't it? Nothing more to say, so time to go to the Green Tortoise Googlegroup, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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